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Let There Be Light Worldwide Ministries was established as a 501c3 organization in 2019 after Lisa Marie and Alex’s marriage and family was fully restored. Founder Lisa Marie Morton and Co-Founder Alex Morton along with their 3 young children faced the devastation of divorce in 2015.


 Lisa and Alex met in high school, became teen parents, and were together 14 years. After suffering the effects of a broken home God restored their family to complete wholeness through faith and counseling. Founder Lisa Marie Morton and Co-Founder Alex Morton remarried in 2016. Their marriage was resurrected into a more strong, solid, tenacious, culpable, and matured union. Through the help of the Lord and counselors they were given necessary tools to thrive and succeed in a world where more and more marriages and relationships are failing and families are growing accustomed to brokenness. 


Due to their impactful experience their deepest hearts desire and mission is now to help families avoid the devastation of divorce. In addition to helping families thrive, they also have a deep desire to help all expecting mothers who are in need of housing, counseling, child care, health care, transportation, education, job training, and employment assistance through there outreach program Thy Fruit Of Thy Womb which focuses on meeting needs of pregnant teens and women and supporting them in their desire to keep their child.


“ Let There Be Light Worldwide believes to truly and effectively help people be all they could be we need to start at the seed form. We see children as a beautiful garden. We believe children are like the seeds of God planted on earth to be fruitful and multiply.”


Let There Be Light Worldwide Ministries inc. exists to restore individuals and families to wholeness so they can reach their full potential in every sphere of life.

Let There Be Light Worldwide Ministries accomplishes this through complimentary counseling, programming, outreach, and support services.


Since their inception in 2019 they’ve helped restore dozens of families and individuals through small counseling ministry events held in homes of people who’ve joined in this mission. Let There Be Light Worldwide Ministries also held a very successful hurricane donation drive for the Bahamas. Through the community of donors they were able to deliver about $50,000 in much needed supplies.


 You can help support what Let There Be Light Worldwide Ministries is doing. 



     If you're a professional counselor or therapist who would like to offer                                       your service and partner with us in this mission 








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