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Evangelist - Speaker - Best Selling Author - Spiritual Mentor - Wife Coach - Entrepreneur - Vision Strategist


                                  LISA MARIE


Lisa Marie Morton is an evangelist, speaker, spiritual advisor, vision strategist, life coach, mentor, entrepreneur, contributing author in The Breaking Point, and a contributing author in Unforgiveness Was Still There, and a wife coach. She masterfully balances family, ministry, and career. She has ministered throughout the U.S., bringing a powerful message of unshakable faith, deliverance, and restoration.














Due to her impactful testimony, she carries a deep passion when it comes to teaching on the importance of having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and partnering with Him in forgiveness, soul healing, and deliverance. 


She is committed to equipping the body of Christ to go into the camp of the enemy and take back everything he stole from them and obtain full restoration for themselves and their families, as well as raising leaders to radiate light and take their place in the world being pillars in their families and communities. Lisa Marie guides entrepreneurs, visionaries, creatives, and world changers into their destiny through her mentorship company Destiny Grapevine. One of her passions is teaching people how to build Kingdom wealth.




She is also the founder of Let There Be Light Worldwide Ministries.  Which is a 501c3. Their mission is to help restore marriages and families through counseling, retreats, workshops, and ministry events, 




She is also the visionary behind the From The Pit To The Palace conference which inspires people to get out of the pits of life and use it for their good.


Lisa Marie lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband who is also her high school sweetheart and their three beautiful children. She enjoys spending time with her family, taking family vacations, snowboarding, fashion, and cooking.


The Breaking Point is made up of inspirational stories by men and women about how they came to their turning point and were able to overcome adversity and reach their own personal breakthrough in life.


Each story encompasses their unique struggle and how they overcame the challenges and found the courage, the power, and the resolve to build their lives again. 


Get your copy today and read Lisa Marie’s inspirational story about how God restored her marriage and family after the devastation of divorce. Lisa Marie testifies to the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. A marriage to her high school sweet heart that appeared dead was fully resurrected and restored when Lisa marie and her husband defeated the plans of satan and remarried each other.


Unforgiveness Was Still There is stories by amazing women on how they mustered up the courage to forgive through heartbreak and difficulties and receive their breakthrough in life.


Each story will encompass our unique struggle and how we overcame the challenges, heart break, and trauma, of unforgiveness to find that we had the courage, the power, and the resolve to forgive and release the bitterness within our hearts to build our lives again. 


This book will serve as a potent reminder that everyone has the power to forgive, release, and heal to be set free from the bondage of unforgiveness. Bitterness and resentment doesn’t have to be your portion anymore. Forgiveness is the key to your breakthrough. 

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